Monday, September 7, 2009

Way to long between posts.

Wow. When I set out to be apart of the blog world, I attended to make numerous posts as that is the point of having a blog. These posts were suppose to be about my life, political views, and numerous other things. However, I have failed at this... So I feel that a quick update about what is going on in my life is in order.

Since last December I have:

Worked for the IRS
Seen numerous concerts
Went to several Royals games(though I wish they would have played better)
Traveled to Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska
Seen incredible wildlife on that trip such as Grizzly Bears, Elk, Buffalo, and Antelope
Went on three fantastic float trips
Made new friends and had plenty of great times
Worked harder on becoming a better musician. Drums have come along well and I have improved at writing music on the guitar
Spent time with my family and have gotten closer to them.
Enrolled at UMKC and working on another BA/Masters degree in Political Science until I figure out exactly what I want to do
Just purchased a new 2002 325i BMW today. No more clunker/driving with no music

Needless to say, there is probably more that I have missed but that rounds out the major things.

I have been pretty content with life at the moment but I feel change will be needed soon. I have never been very content which is something I have gotten better at but still struggle to deal with. I like living in Kansas City more than I use to but still feel the need to get away. I miss traveling, I miss seeing other cultures, and vastly need to improve my language skills. I want to visit Southeast Asia or South America next summer and backpack for awhile. The world is very large and there is little time to see it all. Money is a key factor to this and hopefully working for the IRS again this winter will allow me to do that.

Politically, I feel that our country is very divide and that it's getting to the point of being outrageous. The amount of manufactured hatred is sad. Issues like health care and education are not being solved because so many false rumors have been spread and people do not understand the issues at hand. When we open up our minds and accept new ideas, then we can move forward as a country. Whether this will happen or not remains to be seen. I feel that something needs to be done or things are going to spiral out of control and the great divide between people in this country will continue to grow larger. My next blog will get into more detail about those things. I don't have the energy to write about it at the moment.

I am making a promise/goal to write multiple times a week on this. Writing makes me a better person and allows me to communicate some ideas and thoughts that I have.


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